Starring: Kriselle Kavana & Dallas Diamondz
Mrs. Diamondz is home from work and She is furious with Her son!!! After a hard day at work, She arrives home to a sink full of dirty dishes, that he was supposed to have done. Since this is not his first Offense....Mrs. Diamondz decides that he must be Punished!! He is told to smell Her Stinky Shoe....the one She has been walking around with at work all day long. Then he must smell Mom's Feet. The poor, stupid boy is thoroughly Humiliated......but it gets worse for him!!! Mrs. Diamondz calls in his Sister Kriselle, to Shove Her Dirty, Sock Feet in his face...and then, one by one Kriselle removes Her Socks and makes Her brother smell Her Bare Feet. When Mom & Kriselle find out that he has a "Date" planned for that night....they decide that since he didn't do his chores...his Date should be ruined!! Kriselle is told by Her remove Her brother's cum....with Her Feet!! With Her brother lying on the floor, at the Feet of the two Females....Kriselle Jerks Her brother's cock with Her Feet....and then finishes him off by Jerking all the cum out of him, onto Her feet!!! That should put a damper on his Big Date....Ha Ha Ha!!


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